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The Veeva Property Group offers you truly holistic Drummoyne and Canada Bay property management services. At Veeva, we like to think we are a real estate agent like no other.

Choose Veeva to:

  • Project manage your cosmetic renovations prior to sale
  • Market and sell your property for a premium price
  • Lease your property to quality tenants
  • Find a special Drummoyne or Canada Bay property to rent
  • Procure an accurate Drummoyne and Canada Bay property valuation for your investment
  • Refresh your home decoration with a Veeva interior design consultant
  • Style your property for sale with beautiful furnishings
  • Via our home loans,secure the right finance for your next purchase or refinance
  • Arrange legal documents pertaining to the sale of your property
  • Provide investors with wealth creation strategies to purchase property

When it comes to Drummoyne and Canada Bay property management, Veeva has the answer. If you would like additional information on our services or how we can help you achieve your property goals, please provide your details below and we will contact you to have a friendly, no obligation chat!


More than just Real Estate Agent Services

 Veeva Property Group offer a complete suite of services to assist you with every aspect of property investment, improvement, property management and sale in Drummoyne, and Canada Bay. These include:

Property Valuation

Having a ‘fair and true’ appraisal of the market value of a property is essential at regular stages throughout the investment’s lifecycle. Veeva Property Group’s experienced agents will give you a clear and unbiased indication of the current property valuation, supported by relevant, comparable Drummoyne and Canada Bay sales and statistics. We have no interest in coaxing vendors into the market by promoting unrealistic prices!

Positioning a vendor to make a decision of this magnitude when the pricing presented is unrealistic is simply unethical. Veeva Property Group accurately report relevant and timely property valuation information to our clients as well as giving them the knowledge and tools necessary to make an informed and unbiased decision to sell, selectively renovate or lease. We encourage you to contact Veeva Property Group to make an appointment for a confidential property valuation.

Request a free Market Appraisal
In addition to presenting you with an accurate Drummoyne and Canada Bay specific property valuation, Veeva can also offer you an official independent Property Valuation by a registered Valuer.

Interior Design

 The interior details of a home are like the jewels that adorn a woman’s gown,” notes Gladys Mallqui, Veeva Property Group Principal.

Often it only takes a small change to uplift the feel and atmosphere of a home.  At Veeva, we understand that sometimes you become too ‘close’ to your home to properly refresh or redefine the unique space in style. Engage our specialist Drummoyne and Canada Bay interior design team to help express your creative inspiration.

Veeva Property Group work with professional interior designers, decorators and local suppliers to bring tired homes to new life!

Legal Services

Veeva Property Group provides a ‘full circle’ experience for our clients including managing the often daunting legal aspects of property purchase or sale. We have a professional partnership with local and highly regarded legal councilors Cordato Partners, a law firm providing strategic, open, objective and practical legal advice specifically for the Drummoyne and Canada Bay real estate market.

Principal Anthony Cordato* LLB of Cordarto Partners and in liaison with the Veeva Property Group, can help prepare and review all legal documents necessary for the sale or purchase of your property.

This includes: Preparation of contract of sale, commercial leasing and Power of Attorney. Cordato Partners also enjoy strong local Drummoyne and Canada Bay industry relationships and are able to refer architects, accountants, engineers, town planners and builders should your property vision be ‘big picture’.

Financial Services

Veeva Property Group understands that many aspiring home owners are overwhelmed by the often daunting process of arranging finance to purchase a property. We can help!

We bring extensive experience and specialisation of the home loan process for the Drummoyne and Canada Bay real estate market. In response to this need for simplicity, Veeva offer an ‘end-to-end’ approach – beginning with the service of our dedicated home loan broking arm.  Veeva, in the best interests of our purchasers, work in complete objectivity with all major banks as well as non-conforming lenders.

Each institution will review your financials to determine the most appropriate loan facility or course of action.

Sales & Marketing

When it comes time to transact your most precious asset, Veeva Property Group,as an experienced Drummoyne and Canada Bay focused real estate agent, is here to facilitate the most successful, seamless and profitable property sale you’ve ever experienced.

Veeva Property Group approach Drummoyne and Canada Bay property management, sales and marketing from an entirely different angle to traditional agents.

In full support of our vendors, we work to maximise every possible aspect of propertymanagement down to the smallest detail. Before your property is ready to debut the market, Veeva Property Group are already working with qualified buyers aligned with and ready to purchase a premium property like your own.

By providing complete and comprehensive support for our vendors and providing them regular and accurate market feedback during the entire process, we create a positive sales environment where optimum results are achieved. We are also ruthless negotiators who make sure your property is viewed as the ‘most desirable property’ in your marketplace.

Veeva Property Group also offers a fixed fee service for our vendors giving you the security of knowing exactly what our sales service will cost.

Property Management

 Investors, are you looking for a property manager who understands the often complex needs and requirements of your asset? Veeva Property Group applies an ultra-personal approach to Drummoyne and Canada Bay property management with consistent, honest and transparent communication with both landlords and vendors.

Tell us how you would like your property managed and you can be assured your valuable investment will be cared for by us as if it were our own. Veeva Property Group specialise in managing properties for local and overseas investors. 

Veeva Property Group can also provide Drummoyne and Canada Bay property management consultation services so you can secure the very best yield from you property. Remember, your property is our passion!

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