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Local Business Profile - La Mer Wellbeing

This month Veeva would like to introduce you to Christina Aloisio, Founder and Director of La Mer Wellbeing.August LL La Mer.jpg

The educational milestones and experiences of a student, from Preparatory (3-5 years) to Year 12, are pertinent years to the development of whom the student will mature to be, as both an individual and a contributor to our future. To ensure the cognitive, social and emotional aspects of a student are supported, it is essential to cultivate a student's wellbeing alongside that of rich instructional education, and in doing so, the level of performance, resilience, confidence and success are secured respectively.

At La Mer Wellbeing we understand this. Our educational programs are individually programmed and designed to the individual student's learning growth points. We believe in starting a solid, literacy and numeracy program with students from preschool years to ensure their retention to academia and learning are already established prior to starting kindergarten.

Whilst at the other end of the spectrum, those students at critically emotional maturing years in senior school, we support these student's educational progress to that of excellence, and additionally their positive psychology and wellbeing. At this, one's journey is simply magical!

Our educational programs are of superior standard, mirror to that of the performance levels we expect from our students. You will easily find that your child will soar with exceptional learning results, moreover, with a confident sense of purpose, direction and ambition.

If you believe your child can benefit from experiencing more than education support contact Christina from La Mer Wellbeing on 1800 818 352 for a complimentary trial session.

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