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Joining Forces With The Competition

At Veeva Property Group we are committed to making our Clients happy and providing the most efficient service for them, it’s a relationship that is built on trust, respect and regular communication.


As our Client

We know the decision to sell your house will probably be one of the biggest choices you make; we have a commitment to you to ensure you receive the best possible support throughout this journey. We endeavour to go above and beyond to get you the best possible sale price and within your time frame. Sometimes, you are entrusting us to sell, not only your property but also your home. Our hands-on approach means we offer various options including, refreshing, styling and renovating. We will take the time to discuss a personalised pre-sale strategy that suits you.


Joining Forces with the Competition

As vendors you may have tried to sell your property with another agent and it was unsuccessful. On some occasions you require your property to be sold in a short time frame. In these circumstances Veeva Property Group is open to collaborating with other agents. What this means for you is that you can potentially have the professional expertise and database of two agencies working for you to achieve a premium price.

One recent success story

Part of the Veeva value proposition is that we have very close communication with out prospective buyers. As a result of LISTENING and PAYING CLOSE ATTENTION to what our clients need, we are able successful in PROPERTY MATCHING. Where other agents are willing, we can often Co-broke or collaborate with our competitors for a positive outcome. This follows the American model in which true professionals can represent buyers and sellers. One such success story, was the recent sale of

25 Atkins Avenue, Russell Lea.

During this campaign, a successful collaboration resulted in a record street price and a happy down-sizer couple purchasing a brand new quality home in Russell Lea.

This is a true testament of our commitment in putting our client’s needs before our own and ensuring that, even a lower commission can be more rewarding when we are helping people in their property needs 

If you are sick of the status quo… and want a fresh, vibrant approach during your property transactions, give us a call! 

We are more than you local realtor!

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