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Have you considered Airbnb?

More and more landlords are considering Airbnb as an investment opportunity. This is a flexible way to earn additional income for most people. If you are interested in the legal framework that governs this type of temporary accommodation, please click here to watch a video regarding the legal framework of short term letting in NSW featuring our legal partners Cordato Laywers.   Article written by: Michelle Hele WE’VE all heard that renting your property o ... Read More

Summer Has Arrived!

Welcome to our November newsletter! With the holiday season almost upon us, pricing for houses and apartments is sharpening, as property owners want to ensure they get a sale before the Christmas period.   Upgrade for ANZ Stadium Homebush The upgrade for the ANZ and Allianz stadiums has been approved with a budget of a massive 1.6 billion, this is sure to bring more employment in to the area of Homebush, home to the ANZ Stadium. Rental demand will be higher for employees ... Read More

Health & Wellbeing

As life in Sydney passes us by we often feel that something is missing, are weachieving our goals and living the lives that we want? This is a question asked by everyone from time to time - sometimes even daily! For Veeva we take a personal and professional interest in others wellbeing, hoping to make at least one person smile each day! Buying and selling property often represents milestones in our client's lives. Having that extra support is so important because believe it o ... Read More

Why the family home is Australia’s favourite tax haven

Written By: Anthony J Cordato, Solicitor Two thirds of Australians don’t need to travel to Bermuda or Switzerland to stay in a tax haven. That’s because they live in one – it’s called the family home. In this article we explore the reasons why the owner-occupied family home is tax free, and how to keep it that way. All of the comments made are generalisations. Tax law is technical, and you need specific advice if you plan to act upon a suggestion made ... Read More

Spring in to Spring!

Going it alone and selling your property without an agent might seem like a great idea – their average commission is around $12,000, after all. But there are good reasons to having one on board. Here are some of the key advantages of using an agent. They save you time and hassle What’s your time worth? Consider that to sell a property effectively, someone needs to set up a marketing campaign, research and price the property, meet buyers at open for inspe ... Read More

Local Business Profile - La Mer Wellbeing

This month Veeva would like to introduce you to Christina Aloisio, Founder and Director of La Mer Wellbeing. The educational milestones and experiences of a student, from Preparatory (3-5 years) to Year 12, are pertinent years to the development of whom the student will mature to be, as both an individual and a contributor to our future. To ensure the cognitive, social and emotional aspects of a student are supported, it is essential to cultivate a student's wellbeing alongsi ... Read More

7 Factors That Influence Buyers

According to CoreLogic there are seven psychological factors which influence a home buyer's decision, which are not price, resale value and location. These are: 1. Emotion A Commonwealth Bank survey of Australian buyers found that 44% paid more for a property because they “really liked it”. CoreLogic advised that ways to keep emotions in check include having your clients set goals on three non-negotiables the home needs to have before any inspection. 2. Cul ... Read More

Selling a Property

Your home is probably your most valuable possession, and the decision to sell will determine some important aspects of your future. Selling up — particularly in order to buy a more valuable property — can bring financial rewards, and offers the chance for a new and potentially more rewarding lifestyle. Consider the following before you take the final plunge: Have you consulted with all members of the family about their feelings towards the home? Make sure you ... Read More

Joining Forces With The Competition

At Veeva Property Group we are committed to making our Clients happy and providing the most efficient service for them, it’s a relationship that is built on trust, respect and regular communication.   As our Client We know the decision to sell your house will probably be one of the biggest choices you make; we have a commitment to you to ensure you receive the best possible support throughout this journey. We endeavour to go above and beyond to get you the best pos ... Read More